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Download Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp Meena Kumari Mahipal Old Classic full movie

Download aladdin and the wonderful lamp meena kumari mahipal old classic full movie

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Description:Superhit Hindi Movie Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp (1952)
Starring: Meena Kumari, Mahipal, S.N. Tripathi, Vasantrao.
Producer: Homi Wadia, Director: Homi Wadia

Synopsis: The film starts in a magician’s den in a cave where the magician, Hikmat (S. N. Tripathi) tells a genie-like figure that he wants to rule the world. He is asked to get the magic lamp from a cave where he will need to send someone who is honest and has twenty-one moles in the shape of a lamp on his hand. The magician finds Aladdin (Mahipal) who is in love with Princess Badar (Meena Kumari). He takes Aladdin to the cave and sends him down to get the lamp. When Aladdin refuses to hand over the lamp before coming out, Hikmat slams the entrance shut leaving Aladdin trapped. Aladdin manages to rub the lamp and a genie appears. The genie helps Aladdin get out of the cave, marry the princess, free Badar’s father, have him reinstated as the Sultan and build a palace for him. The story follows the magician getting hold of the lamp and how Aladdin’s gets the lamp back and manages to vanquish evil.

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