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Download Aaj Ka Daur Jackie Shroff Padmini Kolhapuri 1985 full movie

Download aaj ka daur jackie shroff padmini kolhapuri 1985 full movie

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Description:Watch Evergreen Padmini Kolhapuri In “Aaj Ka Daur”…………..
Synopsis:This movie reflects the time and era in India’s history. A time that most politicians would prefer to turn a nelson’s eye on; an era that would be excluded from most history books. This movie revolves around the lives of a poor petrol pump employee, Raja (Jackie Shroff), who is a university graduate but is unable to secure employment; Durga Agnihotri (Padmini Kolhapure) who has to struggle to make ends meet as well as pursue a college education; Durga’s mother Laxmi Agnihotri (Nirupa Roy) who lives with her husband Vishwapratap Gyandeo Agnihotri (Kader Khan), who has never been employed but believes in freedom of speech, the right to vote, poltician’s accountability, with a bitter yet humourous sarcasm; Mr. Kapoor (Satyen Kappu), who lives with his son, Pratap (Sachin) and daughter-in-law Sharda (Shoma Anand); Rambabu Dard (Rajkiran) and his wife Sita (Roshni), who are both university graduates but are unemployed, Ram gets by doing some private tutoring; All of these people live in the same building which is owned by Seth Fakirchand (Prem Chopra) a landlord who is unable to evict his tenants nor is he able to collect rent from them; Leo (Shakti Kapoor) doubles as a pimp for politicians and openly carries out nefarious activities. This situation takes on a confrontational turn when Fakirchand asks his loyal employee Raja to move in with the other tenants, make a nuisance of himself, and force them to evict. Will Raja be successful in evicting the tenants? Will people be able to change the anarchy currently in force in the corrupt system?
Star Cast:Jackie Shroff, Padmini Kolhapuri, Raj Kiran, Shoma Anand, Kader Khan, Nirupa Roy, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Rakesh Bedi, Prem Chopra, Aruna Irani.
Director:K.Bapaiah Producer:Chintapalli Prasad
Music:Bappi Lahiri Lyricist:Indivar
Singers:Yasudas,Kishore Kumar,Alka Yagnik,Asha Bhosle,
Year: 1985 Genre:Drama,Action,Comedy,Crime

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